" There are really two compelling reasons to own this disc: it is endlessly entertaining and vibrant, and it is meticulously performed and recorded for lovers of all music no matter where or in what idiom it originates.”  Read more 

Raul Da Gama, Latin Jazz Network, August 24, 2015

  “With the boom in Latin jazz and its main rhythmic engines, by listening to No Limits For Tumbao, mainstream America is once more getting some exposure to what are classics in Latin culture". Read more 

Paula Edelstein, AXS Contributor Jul 27, 2015

  “Orozco is more than another jazz piano player looking for an in with the mainstream music company. He’s a deeply imaginative, crazy brilliant fusion artist who wields his instrument with equal flair in three of the toughest music styles to conquer. Others have split jazz into fusions. But Orozco takes his jazz fusion to a whole other level.” Read more 

Carol Banks Weber, AXS Contributor Sep 3, 2015

  "What starts out as a relatively straight-forward Latin Jazz recording slowly reveals a dynamic array of facets… most of them nuanced, but often quite startling… much like watching the slow procession of folds of an origamist at work.  Orozco’s mix of Cuban, Venezuelan and Jazz doesn’t settle in to just one point of view, and the ever-changing panorama is one of the album’s best features.  The piano/keyboards of Orozco, bassist Rodner Padilla, percussionist Francisco Vielma and drummer Euro Zambrano are joined by a solid group of guest musicians, including Paquito D’Rivera, Pedrito Martinez and Yosvany Terry (among others)".

Bird is the Worm, September 1st, 2015 

  “Fusion comes to Latin jazz but not in the way you might think. Whether kicking it from Venezuela or Cuba, the distinctive flavors meld into a new kind of audio stew with the chameleon property of being fine to have handy for either background or foreground listening.  Tasty stuff sure to keep your ears tuned in.”  Read more   

Chris Spector for Midwest Record, Editor and Publisher